What we set out to do

JC Economics Education Centre is a holistic tuition centre with its sights set on assisting students who struggle in Economics, by helping them to recognize the value of the subject, to build a rock solid conceptual foundation and refine their question-tackling skills. This will make them more than ready to do well in the A Levels Examination.

How we do it

The approach at JC Economics Education Centre is integrated, taking good measure to ensure that students not only have a strong conceptual foundation but also have the necessary skills to go along with it. To go beyond abstract concepts, actual examples taken from the real world are used. This helps students in two ways, firstly by showing them the relevance of Economics to help them develop more interest in the subject and secondly by providing them with examples they can trot out in their tests to impress examiners. The end goal of tuition is to excel at the Economics A Levels Examination, so no time is wasted in tuition. Students learn how to score by writing splendid answers, managing their time well and minimizing their errors.

    Does this sound like what you are going through?

    You really worked hard!

    You memorized the lectures notes from cover to cover. But when you saw the test question, you were stunned by it.

    You don’t really like Economics

    You took it as a contrasting subject, or because ‘everyone in JC takes it’. But you can’t drop the subject…

    Too little time

    There is too little time to complete the case studies and essays. You always end up not doing the last question/ essay and end up failing.

    You do not understand

    Why the questions are so different from what you have learnt!

    We understand your struggle! Moreover, you wish you knew how to improve, but you don’t know where to start.

    The Tutor

    The Tutor

    Mr Anthony Fok is an acclaimed Economics tutor, having been featured on The Sunday Times as the most sought after Economics tutor in Singapore. An ex MOE Teacher with several degrees, he is currently pursuing his PhD in education, specializing in the learning of Economics.

    Our Team

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    Albert Jacobs
    Albert Jacobs
    Founder & CEO
    Tonya Garcia
    Tonya Garcia
    Account Manager
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    Linda Guthrie
    Business Development